Felony Tears Her Pussy Open With A Dildo

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If you’d like to see some insane pussy ripping in high definition videos, boy do we have a treat for you! Watch gorgeous pornstarlet Felony stretching her tight pussy to the extreme with gargantuan pair of dildos! Seeing Felony stuff her pretty pink pussy with those badass fucktoys is just too much to handle! It makes me want to jump right into the picture and  lend her a hand!
It’s really a sight to see Felony drill herself until she screams. This filthy slut’s wet holes get seemingly destroyed by those gigantic sextoys. Felony forces a black monster dildo inside her pussy by squatting on it hard.  You can hear her slutty scream as you watch Felony getting the most extreme sextoy workout in her life.
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If you’d like to see some insane pussy ripping in high definition videos, boy do we have a treat for you! Watch hot pornstarlet Felony stretching her tight pussy to the extreme with a  gargantuan pair of dildos! Seeing Felony stuff her pretty pink pussy with those badass fucktoys is just too much to handle! It makes me want to jump right into the picture and  lend her a hand… or a fist!

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If you’d like to see more of Felony furiously pumping thick dildos into her twat while she screams with pleasure, check out Will She Explode.

Ariel Avalon Wrecks Her Pussy With Huge Dildos

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Ariel Avalon is one sexy chick who looks so shaggable with her dark hair that comes with deep purple higlights. She has nice perky tits and a fit body. Ariel used to have the tightest vagina, but after this episode of Will She Explode, even Ron Jeremy wouldn’t feel anything if he shoved his schlong in her gaping hole. Check out these ginormous bad-ass dildos which Ariel uses to attack her own tight pussy deep and fast.
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For this episode, Ariel lies down on the rug-covered floor of her bedroom and then proceeds to fuck herself with two of the most brutal sextoys ever. Watch how Ariel buries that huge dildo all the way into her cunt. Ariel is fucking HOT and she knows how to please herself with these monster dildos while still looking ever so raunchy for the camera. Those big brutal dildos will surely leave her pussy all stretched out!
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Rebecca Plunders Her Pussy With A Pair Of Oversized Dildos

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Looking for something really erotic? Then check out Rebecca Blue getting  busy with a pair of massive artificial boners.  This sexy blonde chick looks really hot as she fiercely fucks herself with a shiny big red dildo and an equally huge flesh colored rubber dick. It’s amazing how thick those dildos look, makes you wonder how in the world Rebecca manages to fit those toys into her tight vagina.
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Rebecca looks so fuckable riding these rubber sextoys for the wildest orgasm you’ve ever seen. Damn, this hottie looks so sensual getting her pussy all wet and slippery by ramming those fucktoys in and out of her lovehole. Her pussy takes those heavy dong like she’s starved for a appetising fuck. Deep down that slick pussy, baby! Yeah, fuck it hard like a cock-hungry slut!
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Jacky Joy’s Ginormous Big Red Dildo

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Now we all know that Jacky Joy is a sexy blonde chick and she’s probably got guys lined up just to take a bang at her.  But what about those moments when she’s alone, or just doesn’t like the guy she’s with?  What can a girl do then?  Well, here we have photos showing Jacky Joy’s solution to those dilemmas.  She simply masturbates!
jacky joy sextoy
Jacky Joy is so hot that we forgot that she even remembers how to play with her cunt, a pastime more suitable for nuns and ugly chicks.  But here she is messing with her pussy like a young virgin again, although maybe that huge bright red fucktoy isn’t so virginal after all.  But the point is, Jacky Joy likes to play with herself and she’s not at all shy about showing it off in front of others.
jacky joy fucktoy
I wonder how the guys she rejected feel about that?  To be rejected and replaced by a massive red sextoy when it comes to pleasuring herself must hurt.  Well, then the guys who got put down can have their revenge by checking out Will She Explode and getting more of Jacky Joy’s masturbation pics so they can have a good wank themselves

Nikki Northern Stuff Her Pussy With Ginormous Sex Toys

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Nikki Northern is one motherfucking hot slut. But what really makes Nikki Northern sizzling hot is her audacity to show us pics of her masturbating with really massive sex toys. Oh yes, raunchy pics of Nikki Northern  sucking and fucking these ginormous sex toys! These pictures are hot!
nikki northern sextoy
At first Nikki tries out a big pink dildo, but she decided it wasn’t big enough, it wasn’t stretching her lovehole wide enough for her liking. So she goes for this red badass humongous fucktoy! Of course we instantly get hard-ons when we see Nikki’s cunt stretched to its limits by these gargantuan dildos.
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Nikki Northern is really one hot promiscuous tart and we like her that way! God knows we need a sexy hussy once in a while! Check out the rest of Nikki’s sizzling hot pics at Will She Explode.

Heidi Mayne’s Extreme Dildo-Fucking Episode

Heidi Mayne holding two giant dildos in her hands

The first dildo that Heidi Mayne tries out is almost arm-length and flesh colored.  It’s also realistically bilt to include all the ridges and veins a real dick must have, except of course for the size of the thing.  If there was ever a cock as big as that, it’s gotta belong to a horse or some kind of animal!  And that turns Heidi on!   I mean where else can she find the kind of pleasure such a massive thing can give her, except in ginormous sextoys?  So Heidi maximizes the pleasure of masturbating with these huge cock replicas and stuffs it deep in her oozing cooze, getting it wet with her juices.

Heidi Mayne riding a giant dildo

The next monster dildo that this hottie gets is a wide, dark fucktoy that she fucks with her legs wide open and up in the air!  That’s how Heidi likes to handle all the huge things that she has to stuff in her cunny, and that’s a great strategy, getting her pussy as wide as possible just so she can slide the entire length of it inside her.  Well, maybe not the entire length, because these things are just to big for even a kinky bitch like Heidi to fuck all the way!

Heidi Mayne stuffing a monster dildo up her pussy

Heidi Mayne sucking on her giant fucktoy

See just how Heidi handles all those humongous cocktoys over on Will She Explode, your destination for extreme dildo action!

A Tight Masturbation Session For Felicia Fallon

Felicia Fallon fucking her pussy with a fist fucktoy

Have you ever seen a girl fist herself with a massive sextoy that approximates the size of a real fist?  Well, with Felicia Fallon, you’re about to!  That’s just one of the big dildos she has to fuck herself with, and she’ll ream herself into an orgasmic state before this episode is through!

Felicia Fallon riding a huge black dildo

Felicia’svagina is already big, and she even shows us just how big at the start, but even her poontang has a hard time with her fist-sized and fist-shaped dildo.  But that doesn’t even hold a candle to the massive, black fucktoy that she has to fuck next.  That dildo can’t even fit into her lips, so all she can do is lick around the head in a vain attempt to get it lubed up for her vagina.

Felicia Fallon showing her stretched out pussy

And so Felicia puts it down on the ground, and then starts to ride it!  She gets a whole lot of inches up inside her before she has to stop.  Her twat is now at it’s limit, and she contents herself with the length of the dildo that she can insert inside.  Now that’s a hardcore masturbation experience even for her, and you can catch all the action over on the Will She Explode website, as well as more nasty giant dildo acrobatics!

Crista Moore’s Pussy Gets A Workout From A Massive Sextoy

Crista Moore lubricating a giant dildo with spit

When you think about a pornstar who’s got everything you could even want in a fuck buddy, Crista Moore probably comes to mind.  I mean she’s blonde, tanned and stacked!  What more could you ask for from a fuckslut?  Well, you might have to rethink that fantasy after you’ve seen this session, because that dream now includes a cunt that’s so beat up and loose after being reamed by a huuuuge fucktoy!

Crista Moore riding a massive fucktoy

Yes, this cockwhore decided to try out fucking a giant dildo and even she was left aching and sore by the experience.  Even Crista was left wide-eyed at the sight of such a massive dildo that she started out by trying to suck on the thing, just so it would get lubricated enough to fit in her poontang.  But no, it was still a tight fit, and Crista had to strain to have the huge dildo enter her pussy.  But once it did, Crista felt like she was in familiar territory again, with a snug pussy filled up to brim with good feelings.

Crista Moore in extreme masturbation action with giant dildo

Then she tried out her second dildo with an even wider girth and she was shocked again that anyone would make a fucktoy so huge!  So now Crista’s got a saggy gash you can drive a truck through, and you’re left without a sexual fantasy.  That’s unless you like the sort of action, we have here on Will She Explode, which means you’re in luck because you can sign up and see Crista Moore in action, plus a whole slew of other skanks!

Brandi Edwards Masturbates With A Giant Dildo

Brandi Edwards lubing up a huge dildo

Brandi Edwards wants to know if we’re ready to see her shove a big dildo up her pussy.  Not only are we ready, we’ve got our dicksout and waiting for her to take the first inch up her gash!  That’s how much this monster sextoy action turns us on, and if you feel the same way, then you definitely belong here on Will She Explode!

Brandi Edwards masturbating with a monster dildo

Brandi’s a cockslut who’s seen it all, but she probably hasn’t felt a fucktoy as massive as the one she has go up her poontang yet.  And so she slowly eases it in, but it’s so ginormous she can only manage a few inches of it entering her slit before she gasps in wonder.  You can bet that her experienced pussy has never felt so filled up before, and it’s obviously such a new experience that she starts pumping the huge toy in and out as slowly, before picking up the speed and going as quickly as possible.

Brandi Edwards' used up poontang after extreme dildo fucking

I don’t think I’ve seen a giant sextoy fucked as hard as she fucked this toy!  That’s what you get with a used-up old vagina like hers.  You get a vagina that’s so used to being pounded that even this huge toy goes in and out with relative ease!

Tyla Wynn Wants Her Pussy Fucked Good

Tyla Wynn trying to stuff a giant vibrator in her mouth

“Yes, fuck my fucking pussy!”  That’s what this huge cockslut started shouting when she started masturbating herself with these huge dildos.  She must really want her gash filled real good, because she was very vocal about the fucking she was giving herself.  But in the end, you could see some tears mixed in with her smiles, so the monster dildos she took up her pussy must’ve hurt a bit.  But for her it must’ve her so good…

Tyla Wynn with a giagantic vibrator stuffed in her pussy

She starts with a huge black vibrator that she tried to fit into her mouth, but due to its sheer size, there’s no way that could happen.  And so she tries to stuff it into her vagina!  This gigantic toy was just so wide and thick that only its head could fit into her poontang, but still she fucked herself crazy with it.

Tyla Wynn masturbating with a giant dildo

That must’ve made her next toy easier to take though, as she was able to stuff her twat a bit deeper with her next fucktoy, though it was only a bit smaller in girth than her first one.  Her pussy must’ve been begging for mercy at this time, but for her it just translated into even more pleasure!  Tyla Wynn sure is a real trouper when it comes to abusing her pussy, because the more abuse she gives herself, the more pleasure she feels!  You’re so dirty Tyla, and we salute you here on Will She Explode.  Now give your twat a rest and come back for even hotter fuck sessions next time…

Tyla's distended pussy with her fingers in it

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